The Dolphin Story

Want to know why we’re called Dolphin Media Services? See Anne's Story Below...

We had an award-winning production company located in Hollywood, California. But we changed the company name to acknowledge the dolphins who saved Anne’s life in the Atlantic Ocean. Here’s her story…

When the shark appeared, I was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Hilton Head Island. I had been pulled out by a riptide and knew I was in trouble. As I turned my head to take a breath, I saw a dark fin moving directly toward me.

A moment later, I was hit hard from underneath. My heart pounded in anticipation, but rather than being pulled under, I felt myself lifted up, suspended in the air just above the water.

Unexpectedly, I found myself skimming across the surface of the water at lightning speed, heading toward the beach. Suddenly, I saw a dolphin leaping into the air and then another and another. And I realized my rescue from the shark was being orchestrated by a pod of dolphins.

In a matter of minutes, they had carried me to safety on their backs. It was Christmas day and along the beach, people had been walking and picking up shells but no one else was in the chilly water. Now, they all had stopped to watch what was happening right in front of them.

As I stood in chest-deep water, surrounded by a pod of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, they took turns spinning around me and gently touching my body. I cried out with joy and gratitude. I knew I would never be the same and was deeply grateful for their rescue. As tears streamed down my face, I felt waves of love coming from the dolphins. I knew every molecule of my body was being supercharged and my vibration was forever changed.

Eventually, the dolphins pirouetted backwards for several feet and bid me a glorious farewell. How can all the forces of the universe come together in a split second to change the course of events in our lives? That day I learned an important lesson about the interconnection of all life. We are all in this together—in the glorious adventure of life!