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Brand Development & Marketing

The development and management of a brand is a combination of good business practices, excellent communications, well-developed marketing and social media, and strategic alignment of assets. Dolphin Media Services has created great brands. We understand the marketplace and how to discover the needs and desires of your potential customers. We successfully coordinate key elements for success—perception, awareness and value. We’ve helped other companies maximize their success. We can help you enhance your brand image, promote sales and generate engagement—and explode your growth.

Brand Management

Dolphin Media Services is responsible for having created powerful brands, increased corporate revenue by millions and helped fulfill marketing goals for many top international companies. Anne Archer and Alden Butcher are award-winning marketing experts, writers and producers who have worked with key individuals and major companies internationally. They and their team of specialists have worked successfully to brand top companies, produce events internationally, create videos, websites and complete marketing campaigns, as well as edit manuscripts and represent authors for publication.


Book Editing and Publishing

Dolphin Media Services helps a wide range of authors get their books written, beautifully edited, and expertly marketed. We have had multiple best sellers, including top New York Times bestsellers, hitting #1 and #2 on every major best seller list. Our books have been translated into every major language of the world and our authors have found national and international success. We handle projects both large and small and help our authors achieve their own individual goals.

Full Service Production

We specialize in providing compelling story-driven video for your company. Testimonials, customer profiles stories, case studies, event documentaries and corporate social media content. We have worked with top international brands and filmed and produced events globally.


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